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Thanksgiving 2017

Our seven week fall series will conclude on the Sunday before Thanksgiving Day. Since we’ve been working with a book called Happiness, I thought I would focus on the role of gratitude in helping to develop that deep sense of flourishing which is the definition of happiness found in the book.

The Science of Happiness

Last month I introduced the book we are using for our annual fall series; Happiness: A Guide to Developing Life’s Most Important Skill by Matthieu Ricard. As it turns out, this topic has recently started to get more attention from the scientific community.

Voices of Unity

August marks the birthdates of our co-founders Charles and Myrtle Fillmore and for that reason it has been dubbed Unity Month at many of our centers. This year we will be devoting a Sunday to each of four notable authors in our movement: Myrtle Fillmore, Charles Fillmore, Emilie Cady and Eric Butterworth.

Unity's Five Principles

Those who attend a Unity center on a regular basis know that we have no fixed creed or catechism that people are required to recite nor is there a statement of faith to follow. There is no such thing as an office of orthodoxy in this movement to root out heresy and force our ministers and spiritual leaders to conform to a certain agenda. However, there are certain principles we teach that make us unique. Otherwise, why should we exist?

The Mindfulness Revolution

June 2017 Ministers Message

It seems like every month I spot a story in the news about how practicing mindfulness produces practical and objective benefits for our physical and emotional health. The word mindfulness has become a catch all term for various forms of meditation and contemplative practices that have been developed by spiritual traditions around the world going back 3000 years.

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