A positive path for spiritual living

Frontiers of Consciousness



October 22, 2018 6:00 PM

The field of consciousness studies has expanded rapidly in the last 20 years but we seem to be no closer to finding an answer to the question of exactly what consciousness is and how it came to exist. In this class we will study the ideas and theories of leading experts in this fascinating field by watching video presentations and then discussing the pros and cons. No text book is required.

This month we will watch a series of talks given by Robert Wright, author of the new book "Why Buddhism Is True". He explores the links between Buddhist philosophy and what we have learned about human consciousness through neuroscience and evolutionary psychology. The Buddha's diagnosis of the human condition and his prescription find strong support from those disciplines. 

We will continue to meet every fourth Monday until we have solved the “hard problem of consciousness.” Actually, we will probably run out of material to discuss before that happens but who knows where this might lead?