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10-9-16 Seven Week Fall Series Begins

In anticipation of our annual seven week fall series which begins the second week in October, we will be working with the book Divine Audacity by Unity Minister Linda MartellaWhitsett.
Instead of promoting the concept of a distant tribal god, the author presents a contemporary restatement of our message in Unity which I believe will resonate with those who are choosing to leave traditional religion. This is from the description on the back cover of the book:
“We need to jettison the idea of a God who is out there and above us. God is not a superhuman who gives and takes, punishes and rewards. God does not require human suffering and repentance…We truly find God when we go inside and connect with divine light, realize our oneness with God and others, and let our light shine in the world.”
The best way to participate in the fall series is to read the book and then participate in the discussion group led by Revs. Karen and Mark that meets after the 10 AM service to discuss the talk, the reading material and the theme for the week. 
The series is designed so that the Sunday talk will make sense to those who may not have read the book so please join us at the level which fits your schedule and help us to get the word out about Unity by your living example in the world.

Event Date: 
Sunday, October 9, 2016 - 8:00pm