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11-22-20 Talk Notes: Thanksgiving And Interesting Times (Rev. Mark Schindler)




How do we see the world as it is but not worse than it is? Count:

“How many people are victims of violence as a proportion of the number of people alive? How many are sick, how many starving, how many poor, how many oppressed, how many illiterate, how many unhappy? And are those numbers going up or down? A quantitative mindset, despite its nerdy aura, is in fact the morally enlightened one, because it treats every human life as having equal value rather than privileging the people who are closest to us or most photogenic. And it holds out the hope that we might identify the causes of suffering and thereby know which measures are most likely to reduce it. Enlightenment Now (p. 43).




More Education = Fewer Children

Decreasing Child Mortality = Smaller Families

Negative Population Growth by 2070

Famines have disappeared outside war zones. We are producing more food with less land.

“Another way of stating the bounty is that between 1961 and 2009 the amount of land used to grow food increased by 12 percent, but the amount of food that was grown increased by 300 percent.” Enlightenment Now (p. 76).