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3-21-21 Talk Notes: The Stages of Change (Rev. Mark Schindler)


Finding Yourself In Transition by Robert Brumet

Everything Must Change by Brian McLaren


We Are Living In Deep Shift:

  • A time of transition
    and re-envisioning
  • A time for asking new questions
    and seeking answers
    that are both new and old
    fresh and seasoned
    surprising and familiar


  1. Transition is a natural process.
  2. Modern culture with its mechanistic paradigm is less in tune with natural processes.
  3. We cause suffering when we try to handle change in a mechanical way.
  4. Once we make the shift in consciousness that sees change as a natural part of life, we live a fuller and more fulfilling life.
  5. Fear of change is similar to fear of death or the unknown.
  6. Change can also be seen and experienced as an opportunity for accelerated growth and learning.
  7. Transition may be uncomfortable but is always meaningful.
  8. All transitions proceed through three phases:
    1. The ending
    2. The Void
    3. The New Beginning
  9. The new beginning is always enticing but we must not shortcut the first two phases.
  10. In the process of transition, we cannot always see what lies ahead but if we learn new cues and trust the process, we can complete journey safely.