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4-11-21- Talk Notes: Endings (Rev. Mark Schindler)


Finding Yourself In Transition by Robert Brumet

Seasons by Parker J. Palmer tinyurl.com/o2vxbgx



Changing Our Attitude About Endings:

  • Learn to honor endings without worshipping them
  • Examine our hidden metaphors for life and consider the metaphor of changing seasons
  • Learn to see change as a way to reveal “the hidden wholeness” of life


“Seasons” is a wise metaphor for the movement of life, I think. It suggests that life is neither a battlefield nor a game of chance but something infinitely richer, more promising, more real. The notion that our lives are like the eternal cycle of the seasons does not deny the struggle or the joy, the loss or the gain, the darkness or the light, but encourages us to embrace it all – and to find in all of it opportunities for growth.” Seasons by Parker Palmer


“In retrospect, I can see in my own life what I could not see at the time – how the job I lost helped me find work I needed to do, how the “road closed” sign turned me toward terrain I needed to travel, how losses that felt irredeemable forced me to discern meanings I needed to know. On the surface it seemed that life was lessening, but silently and lavishly the seeds of new life were always being sown.” Seasons by Parker Palmer


“There is in all visible things…a hidden wholeness.” In the visible world of nature, a great

truth is concealed in plain sight: diminishment and beauty, darkness and light, death and life are not opposites. They are held together in the paradox of the “hidden wholeness.” Thomas Merton


The Four Stages of an Ending:

  1. Disengagement
  2. Disidentification
  3. Disenchantment
  4. Disorientation