A positive path for spiritual living

4-25-21 Talk Notes: Letting Go (Rev. Mark Schindler)


Finding Yourself In Transition by Robert Brumet


Transition Through The Lens of Exodus:



  • A place of slavery and bondage where the only reality is survival and physical labor.
  • Egypt symbolizes a limited state of consciousness where we are only surviving and not thriving.
  • If we are only surviving, we are not living up to our full potential as human beings.



  • Moses symbolizes our spiritual nature, our consciousness awakened to our true human potential and power



  • The personal ego.
  • Anything that keeps us enslaved to the past, and resists change.



Until we discover our inner Moses, our awakened spiritual nature and let it lead the way, we are slaves to the ego. Once we wake up, we start to move forward again, evolve and grow. We will end up in the wilderness but when we work on letting our awakened self lead the way and learn to trust it when we’re stuck in the wilderness, we are cooperating with cause and effect (Divine Order) which leads to discovery and discernment. In cooperation with Divine Order, we reach a new beginning.