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7-11-21 Talk Notes: Questioning Authority (Rev. Mark Schindler)

How a Terrorist Thinks:

“The modern world will not make room for my sacred beliefs, and therefore I am going to blow up that world every chance I get, in God’s name and with His blessings. Those whom I kill have, in every way, brought this on themselves, which is why my acts are not murder, not wrong and not punishable.”

Ken Wilber Integral Spirituality


6-6-21 Talk Notes: Science, Religion and Truth (Rev. Mark Schindler)

We have been readers among all schools of thought and we find good in all of them…We do not claim to have discovered any new truths nor have had any special revelation of truth. There is truth in every religion. It is my privilege to take truth from any source, put it into my religion, and make it a fundamental rule of action in my life.” Charles Fillmore August 1895


“Every culture has a myth of the world before creation, and of the creation of the world [.]

5-9-21 Talk Notes: Beyond Motherhood (Rev. Mark Schindler)

Mother's Day Humor:

Child: Mommy, in case I get kidnapped, do we have enough money to pay my ransom?

Mom: oh don’t worry honey, they’ll end up paying us to take you back.


A young woman tells her parents that she just received a scholarship to New York University and her dad said "that’s because you have my brains" and mom says "yeah that must be the reason because I still have mine."



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