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Important Information

Sunday Service Facebook Live Stream

Many thanks to everyone who tuned in for our Facebook Live service last Sunday. The video is available to watch on our Facebook page via this link. 

This Sunday August 16th we are back to live stream only  for  our 10 AM service based on the new guidelines provided by the Governor's office. Please join us on Facebook beginning at 9:55 AM which you can reach via the following link https://www.facebook.com/pages/category/Religious-Organization/Unity-of-Auburn-114140051995464/

The topic is Consciousness as we examine what have come to be known as the five Unity principles during the month when Charles and Myrtle Fillmore were born. Notes can be found in the blog section on the home page at www.unityofauburn.com. Rev. Karen will have a special meditation and we will  be joined by Jon Dufour who will be sharing some music with us.

We are especially grateful to everyone who responded to our request to make offerings via Paypal, mail in, credit card and bank transfer. Your generosity is inspiring. 

And we again affirm that there are no obstacles, only opportunities as we continue to manifest the abundance that will allow us to continue our mission and make our vision a reality.