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Important Information

Sunday Service Facebook Live Stream

Many thanks to everyone who tuned in for our Facebook Live service last Sunday. It was a huge success with lots of positive feedback. Facebook tells us that we had 135 views as of today so let’s do it again shall we? We will try to make it a bit more interactive. Many of you were commenting but we were unable to scroll through them so that is something we need to figure out. One comment said that Rev. Mark needs some TV preacher hair… probably to cover up the glare.


This Sunday, March 29 at 10 AM we will go live on our Facebook page once again which can be found at https://www.facebook.com/pages/category/Religious-Organization/Unity-of-Auburn-114140051995464/


Karen will have a special meditation and the talk will focus on The Prayer For Protection because this seems to be a great opportunity to look at the words on a deeper level. We will also be joined by Rev. Rick Reich who will be sharing some music with us.


We are especially grateful to everyone who responded to our request to make offerings via Paypal, mail in, credit card and bank transfer. Your generosity is inspiring.


We are also including a link to an article for the April newsletter submitted by our Treasurer on behalf of the Board of Trustees with more detail regarding the financial challenge we are dealing with. https://www.unityofauburn.com/covid-19-financial-update-042020



And we again affirm that there are no obstacles, only opportunities as we continue to manifest the abundance that will allow us to continue our mission and make our vision a reality.