Youth Ministry Leader

We are seeking a warm and welcoming individual to lead a spiritual education program for our children and youth. We envision someone who is comfortable working with babies, children, youth, and their parents.

We have ready-made curriculum and lesson resources but we are looking for you to put your creativity into the material to create exciting ways for students to learn about faith values, their spiritual nature, and connection with God.

We currently have a Summer 2022 program in place but are looking for someone to step into our Youth Minister leadership position starting September 1, 2022.


Position Title: Director of Youth Ministry

Reports to: Minister

Status: Part-Time, 4 Sundays a Month

General Description:

The Director of Youth Ministry is responsible for the spiritual education of our youth. Collaborating with the minister, the director implements an inspiring youth program in keeping with Unity principles. The program includes relevant curriculum, age-appropriate classroom environments, community-building activities, and a team of well-trained adult volunteers who are themselves Unity students.

Activities and Responsibilities:

  • Unikids Classroom Teacher
    • Preparation
      • Create the weekly lesson incorporating Unity’s teachings and principles
      • Plan snacks and activity supplies needed
    • On Sunday morning
      • Set up the Unikids room as needed with activities and snacks
      • Check their children in outside the Sanctuary
      • Provide new families with enrollment forms and copy of our YFM pamphlet, answering questions
      • Present the lesson and activities
      • Monitor behavior issues and speak with parents as needed
      • Clean up the room after
  • Children’s Moment
    • Escort children to sanctuary platform to receive blessing and lead Prayer for Protection or coordinate volunteers to do this
  • Administrative Duties
    • Social Activities
      • Collaborating with volunteers, plan two or more family-friendly events each year
    • Financial
      • Receive request for purchasing snacks and materials from Nursery staff
      • Purchase snacks, supplies and materials needed for Nursery and Unikids
      • Monitor money spent vs. budget allotted
    • Oversee Nursery Director
      • Maintain communication and give support or direction as needed
      • Coordinate Volunteers
      • Schedule volunteers to assist in Nursery & Unikids, recruiting and orienting new volunteers when necessary
      • Hold a meeting with paid staff and volunteers at least once a quarter
      • Lead the Pray-In on Sunday mornings for staff and volunteers
    • Administrative
      • Maintain enrollment forms for all children
      • Coordinate the yearly update to enrollment forms for all children
      • Meet with the minister each week
    • Communications
      • Send quarterly email newsletters to YFM staff and families
      • Submit announcements to be included in Unity’s weekly eNewsletter as needed
      • Maintain the YFM bulletin board
      • Coordinate changes in the YFM web page and the YFM pamphlet with office staff as needed

Position Specifications:

  • Work 4 Sundays a month, 4 hours each Sunday

Position Qualifications:

  • Must be at least 21 years of age
  • Grounded in Unity teachings with a demonstrated commitment to personal spiritual growth
  • Collaborative leadership style compatible with children and adults
  • Talent for organized thinking and action
  • Experience in youth ministry or youth education is a plus
  • Experience supervising adults is a plus.

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Position Title: Teacher of Youth Ministry

Reports to: Youth Minister Director

Status: Part-Time, 2 Sundays a Month

General Description:

The Teacher of Youth Ministry will teach all children that God loves them.

Activities and Responsibilities:

  • On teaching Sundays, arrive half an hour (or more) BEFORE church and start to review materials.
  • Welcome children with love and enthusiasm, and teach, lead as best you can, using the given lessons/games and projects
  • Near end of service escort children to the platform for blessing and to lead the closing Prayer for Protection.
  • At the end of church, connect younger children (under nine) WITH parents, thank parents for bringing their children and visit briefly with parents if they’d like to talk, and clean up the room (wipe counters, put away materials, straighten up)

Special Skills:

  • Must like children, should enjoy stories, crafts, games, and discussions. The Youth Ministry Director will oversee curriculum and lessons for all groups as well as supplies.

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