A positive path for spiritual living

Sunday Lesson

5-17-20 Out of Conrol and Loving It! (With meditation by Rev. Karen Schindler)
5-10-20 Celebrating Mothers and Female Role Models (With meditation by Rev. Karen Schindler)
4-26-20 Mastering Our Thoughts and Instincts
4-12-20 (Easter Sunday) Hope, Spring and Renewal (Meditation, Special Music and Talk)
4-5-20 Palm Sunday: Deliver Us From Delusion (Meditation, Special Music and Talk)
3-29-20 The Power That Protects (With Meditation)
3-15-20 Grandeur, Awe and Humility (Rev. Mark Schindler with special music and meditation)
3-8-20 Genesis Revisited (Rev. Mark Schindler)
3-1-20 Does The Universe Have a Purpose? (Rev. Mark Schindler)
2-23-20 The Future of Empathy (Rev. Mark Schindler)