A positive path for spiritual living

Sunday Lesson

11-20-16 Divine Audacity: The Light of Release and Life
11-13-16 Divine Audacity: The Light of Strength and Order (Rev. Mark Schindler)
11-6-16 Divine Audacity: The Light of Zeal and Power (Rev. Mark Schindler)
10-30-16 Divine Audacity:The Light of Wisdom and Love (Rev. Mark Schindler)
10-16-16 Divine Audacity: Faith and Understanding
Divine Audacity: Dare to be The Light of The World
10-2-16 The Fine Art of Re-framing (Rev. Mark Schindler)
9-25-16 Inside Out (Rev. Marik Schindler)
9-18-16 The Big Picture (Rev. Mark Schindler)
9-11-16 Responding To Violence: The Problem of Evil (Rev. Mark Schindler)