A positive path for spiritual living

Sunday Lesson

The Love Between Us Knows What to Do, Rev. Margie Brach
May Day and the Wheel of the Year, Rev. Rick Reich
4-24-16 What Goes Around Comes Around (Rev. Mark Schindler)
4-17-16 Nobody Wants A Wake Up Call (Rev. Mark Schindler)
4-10-16 Does Everything Happen For A Reason? (Rev. Mark Schindler)
4-3-16 I Behold The Christ In You
3-21-16 Hope Springs Eternal (Easter Sunday with Rev. Mark Schindler)
3-20-16 That Your Joy May Be Complete
3-6-16 The End Is Near (Rev. Mark Schindler)
2-28-16 Remember That You are Dust (Rev. Mark Schindler)