A positive path for spiritual living

Our Leader

Mary Lou Banahan, our Youth and Family Ministry Leader, found Unity Churches while looking for a positive spiritual environment for her five year old daughter. It seems only fitting that she then spent the first six years as a Youth and Family Ministry Helping Hand and Sunday teacher. Then the next two years were spent active on the church board to ensure that the Youth and Family Ministry program was represented. While Mary Lou took a couple years off from volunteering at church she studied at Chapman/ Brandman University to gain her Secondary Education credential. In 2010, Mary Lou accepted the position of Youth and Family Ministry Leader.

Mary Lou has taken classes of Spiritual Education and Enrichment (SEE) through Unity Churches. She plans to continue studying Youth and Family Ministry and continue her personal spiritual growth and learning.

The past twenty five years Mary Lou spent in Sales and Marketing within the food industry. She has been substitute teaching since her decision to join the education field. Mary Lou attended twelve years of Catholic schools before attending the University of California, Davis graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree. She is the mother of a teenage daughter.

Mary Lou believes each person is here individually and as a part of the whole. Expressing our unique strengths and talents are the gifts we give to ourselves and share with others. We are born with Divine Love to grow and spread throughout our lives and for all beings. Mary Lou takes the role and responsibility to empower youth to follow the Divine that is within. She will create an environment that is safe, calm, and fun, to encourage all ages to learn about the Truth teachings of Unity. Through this process they will listen to their inner guide, deepen their understanding, apply Unity principles in life and share their knowledge with others. Through developing these traits in our youth they will become confident and compassionate teens, and eventually church and community leaders with a commitment to people and the world.